Nikon Pure Blue Vs. Nikon SeeCoat Next Blue

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As technology advances, so do lenses. In the past, they were made exclusively of glass. Today, most are made of high-tech plastics. These new ones are lighter, don’t break as easily as glass, and can be treated with a filter to shield your eyes from damaging ultraviolet (UV) light. There are almost as many coatings as there are lenses. As experts in the field, we at Lawrence Optical Inc want to introduce you to our Nikon Pure Blue and Nikon SeeCoat Next Blue lens wear. We have written down information on both types of lenses so that you are better equipped to choose between the two.

Nikon Pure Blue
The Nikon Pure Blue is a lens providing you with all-in-one protection against harmful light both indoors and outdoors with enhanced aesthetics and long-lasting clarity. Its cutting-edge light purification technology absorbs UV and part of the harmful blue light to provide long-lasting protection. It is recommended for wearers who want to protect themselves from harmful light indoors and outdoors without compromising their appearance. It is scratch-resistant, dust-resistant, smudge resistant, and water-resistant.

Nikon SeeCoat Next Blue
The Nikon SeeCoat Next Blue is the ultimate blue light protection in a coating, cutting more harmful light and providing you with natural color restitution. It is the best combination of clarity and durability for everyday use. SeeCoat Next Blue allows reducing at least 35% of blue light transmittance, cutting more harmful light, and providing natural colors for wearers to enjoy their time on screen. The SeeCoat Next Blue cuts blue light more effectively while maintaining high transmittance of other wavelengths thanks to the blue light absorber, which absorbs more blue light and allows a reduction of the reflection levels. As a result, it protects your eyes more effectively while providing a more natural color.

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